Ideas for Change


The essays and books below provide ideas to improve the healthcare system, the economy, and the politics of the United States.

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Steve Zecola explores the underlying factors that drive human behavior and then provides a framework to harness the key drivers to ensure reduced tension and sustained growth.

The book provides a vehicle for citizens to establish the direction and framework for positive change, thereby providing a solution to the growing divide of the major forces driving humanity.

The Race to Cure Parkinson’s Disease is a tale of scientists striving to cure a mysterious brain disease affecting millions of people, and the fervent campaign of a few religious leaders to block a path to that cure.

The book lays out in layman’s fashion the four most promising tracks to a cure for Parkinson’s disease and provides insights into the progress and obstacles of each track.

For thousands of years before the Big Bang, intelligent life-forms throughout the universe tried desperately to devise a way to survive the coming collapse of their universe.

As the end was upon them, several species from disparate worlds came together to avoid the complete destruction of their kind. The vehicle that they chose for survival is what we call today “dark matter.” This is the story of how that came to happen.